An analysis of inside europe which has part of what will be a world power

Office of Director of National Intelligence Key among the findings of the independent forensic investigations is the conclusion that the DNC data was copied onto a storage device at a speed that far exceeds an Internet capability for a remote hack. Of equal importance, the forensics show that the copying was performed on the East coast of the U.

An analysis of inside europe which has part of what will be a world power

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Ethiopia, despite its success in persuading its western allies that it is combating poverty using its fast economic growth and democratization, remained to be one of the poorest and most closed countries where a group of few individuals control vast economic shares and absolute political power.

Unlike many other authoritarian regimes, the most dominant ruling elite group in Ethiopia has a complex behavior in that it claims to represent a minority ethnic group from the northern part of the country, Tigray.

In response it has gotten a relatively overwhelming legitimacy among the people of Tigray as compared to other regions; or at least many people, including myself, believe it receives better legitimacy only in that specific region.

What is in the name? On the surface, EFFORT is an umbrella company for a group of businesses which are involved in major industrial activities in Ethiopia, such as banking and insurance, import and export, media and communication, construction, agribusiness, and mining, among others.

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How did TPLF accumulate its wealth? If anything, he is of the view that it is impossible to make such allegations. However, legally questionable ways of accumulating wealth seemed to have continued within the party even after it took control of state power.

In Chapter six of this pages book, Ermias tells several stories on how EFFORT used to get its finances unfairly from the Ethiopian state and how it transferred it to its own account. According to the Ethiopian civil code, endowment companies are legally prohibited from distributing their profits to individuals.

This fact effectively obscures the few individuals controlling these companies behind a party cover. The copies of these publications are annexed in the latest book of Ermias Legesse, referred above.

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Its leaders claim that their extreme obedience to the rule of law and their refusal to bribe local officials often poses a great challenge to their operations, disadvantaging their businesses. A good example to prove this is a rare ruling by a federal court on the 19th December In principle, its profit should be used to rehabilitate the region.

His suggestion indicates a return, once again, of the endowment to a share company in which as many individuals could become shareholders. Without a doubt, other regions of Ethiopia have also suffered significant social and economic devastations during the 17 years civil war before it ended in In Oromia regional state is Dinsho endowment, which was established in and was renamed Tumsa Endowment for Development of Oromia in Seyee Abraha has admitted: The nature of secrecy surrounding this delicate matter means one may never find out the real figures.

Selam Bus Share Company is a good example. Established in Dejennna Endowment is another example. There are 11 companies listed under Dejenna Endowment in its website. Besides, the information on the official websites of the two endowments mis-inform readers as if the two are independent of one another.

The Sheger vs Mekelle narrative By now, keen observers of the relationship between politics and business in Ethiopia can safely assume that business and politics in Ethiopia are radically divided into two major narratives in defining and perceiving the current TPLF dominated regime.

However, both narratives go beyond these respective centers depending on whose political view is solicited.

An analysis of inside europe which has part of what will be a world power

The two narratives are only thoughts that do have majority acceptance in their respective centers. In the same manner, Tigrian activists claim other home grown charity organizations operating in Tigray, namely REST and TDA, are used to create grassroots networks to dictate the people of Tigray become loyalists of the TPLF, whereas non-Tigrian activists, such as Ermias Legesse, disagree and say these organizations are replicas of EFFORT to simply promote disproportionate social development of Tigrians at the cost of others.Jul 15,  · By attacking Europe and starting a trade war with America’s closest allies, President Trump has already advanced the agenda of President Vladimir V.

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BBC Monitoring reports and analyses news from media around the world. Access to local sources and unrivalled understanding of the world's media mean our subscribers are uniquely well-informed about developments that matter to them. The power sector really matters.

It’s by far the single biggest market for energy: absorbing over 40% of primary energy last year. And it’s at the leading edge of the energy transition, as renewables grow and the world electrifies.

Eastern Europe Mobile Phone Accessories Market Analysis Eastern Europe Mobile Phone Accessories Market Value Forecast, & Y-o-Y Growth, By Oman Uliah, Special to Addis Standard Every authoritarian regime has its own symbol of economic exploitations and monopoly either in an individual face or in an organizational mask.

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