Combining parenting styles to raise well balanced

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Combining parenting styles to raise well balanced

Thursday, March 25, T3 - "Balanced" Parenting Style Before I get into the ins and outs of a "Balanced" parent also called a Democratic, Active, or Equalitarian parenta brief history lesson is in order.

Based on what year your protag onists were born or their parents were bornthis information will actually be useful to figuring out which type of parenting style he or she most likely grew up with.

Children born before and during the s most likely grew up with the Over-Controlling parenting styles Power Patrol or Micromanager. Those generations resembled society in that there was a clear-cut pecking order.

The father man was the supreme ruler, and mother was to be obedient to him, while children were to be obedient to both of them. This led to some awful things like child abduction and sexual victimization because children were taught to blindly obey authorities at the expense of their own rights.

Civil rights became front and center, and children especially teenagers resented adults telling them what to do. Teens turned to drugs and the "sexual revolution" to escape and rebel, and parents had no idea what to do.

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Professionals who tried to help encouraged parents to loosen the reins, which swung the pendulum to permissive, Under-Controlling Avoiders or Over-Indulgers parenting. These same teenagers of the 60s blamed their parents and authority figures for their problems. As a result, they vowed to raise their children differently and went to the other extreme in their parenting.

By the s, the problems in the 60s had reached epidemic proportions. The pendulum began to swing back toward Over-Controlling parenting as a way to gain control, but since both styles resulted in negative results for children and society.

What do Balanced parents believe? They believe that their job is to teach children the life skills they need to be self-sufficient, responsible members of society. They believe that children are equal in worth and dignity, and that they deserve to be treated with respect.

They want children to learn how to meet their own needs and not be unnaturally dependent on their parents to do so. They encourage children to learn from their mistakes and avoid blaming or criticizing them.

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Children are unique, not little Mini-Mes of the parent or balls play dough to mold into what the parent thinks they should be. How do Balanced parents discipline? They focus on the value of a rule rather than the power of the rule-maker.

They teach behavior skills, and then reveal to their children what the possible outcomes of their behaviors could be. If the child still chooses to behave inappropriately, Balanced parents allow the revealed outcome to happen.

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Combining parenting styles to raise well balanced

Woodswoman April 25, at am. For #3, I relate to your feelings about business casual, because that was me after working in an outdoor-oriented job where my outfit was a fleece jacket, zipoff pants, and hiking boots. Parenting is on-the-job training with no grace period.

Given all that, have compassion for yourself. The more compassion you have for yourself as a parent, the more you can have for loved ones.

2012 and before.

All parents make mistakes, sometimes big mistakes. But no single action (with the exception of abuse) generally has lasting, damaging consequences.

Mar 25,  · T3 - "Balanced" Parenting Style Children born before and during the s most likely grew up with the Over-Controlling parenting styles With balanced parenting, each child, give or take, should come to school with a good understanding and foundation of basic respect.

With this being said, there may be many factors that play Author: Jeannie Campbell, LMFT. As a teacher and educational consultant, I met with hundreds of parents. The editors of this book have compiled a wonderful group of experts to address many of the parenting challenges that I have heard them raise.

Tweet. This week’s topic is on “Couple’s Finances.”Whenever this topic is presented, the discussion usually drifts to the pros and cons of Joint Finances vs.

Combining parenting styles to raise well balanced

Separate Finances.

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