Development of ict in mongolia 90th

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Development of ict in mongolia 90th

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Development of ict in mongolia 90th

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This year, we are celebrating 90th anniversary of ICT sector of Mongolia. In this regard, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all people involved in the development of White paper on ICT of Mongolia and congratulate all ICT beneficiaries on this special anniversary.

ICT sectors specialists and workers are enriching the history of 90th anniversary with the successes and achievements. For the past year, the large-scale initiatives such as The launching of National satellite of Mongolia project, Postal services to every household and Broadband national programs were submitted to and approved by the Government of Mongolia.

Furthermore, to ensure development and implementation of the sectoral policy and development of ICT and e-government, National committee on ICT has been re-established and Council of Chief Information Officers of government organizations, comprised from senior decision makers has been setup.

Executive Summary

In near future, there are a number of large scale programs and projects need to be developed and implemented such as State policy on development of ICT sector of Mongolia by yearlaunch of National Communications Satellite, establishment of Mongolian Silicon Valley, switchover of radio and television broadcasting into digital technology, establishment of broadband network and development of electronic government.

These issues will be discussed at the National ICT Forum and will come to unified understanding and Im quite positive that they will be successfully implemented. I hope that you can read about the achievements of ICT sector development and its contribution towards the overall development Mongolia from publication.

May the knowledge prosper. Batbold Sukhbaatar Prime Minister of Mongolia 5. First of all, I would like to congratulate all readers of current publication with the 90th anniversary of establishment and development of ICT sector of Mongolia. When we are looking back, it is clearly seen that it was joint efforts of skilled leaders, engineers, technicians, academicians and teachers combined with government support and sectoral international and national cooperation, which have created history of development of ICT sector of Mongolia.

Following sectoral specifics, constant growth and development, we are required to work fast and together in different directions.

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The National Development Policy and Action plan of Government of Mongolia specified implementation of different large scale projects, such as high-tech innovation cluster Silicon valleylaunching of national communications satellite, improving capacities of human resources, which can be implemented together and in cooperation with different organizations.

Im pleased to mention that the current edition of White paper of ICT development of Mongolia has been published in the time, when the discussion on draft law on Digital signature has been conducted at the Parliament and national programs information security, switchover of radio and television into digital technology, postal services to every household and high-speed broadband network has been approved by Government and started implementation.

We believe that the current White paper will serve as good source of information of development of ICT sector of Mongolia to national and international specialists as well as a mean of increasing public advocacy and awareness about our sector development to general public.

May the good seeds prosper. Statement Master Plan by year The current paper is a special edition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the development of ICT in Mongolia.


It was over 90 years ago, when the first PABX for 25 users was installed in Urge at that time name for Ulaanbaatarfollowed by installation of first telegraphic equipment connecting Mongolia with outer world. The following decade has seen the printing of first postal stamp of Mongolia, establishment of open copper telecommunications network connecting over soums and the first telecommunications service center.

During telecommunications installation phase first growth, which continued till early s, the very first radio television center, earth station, FM stations, mainframe computers and analog microwave networks were installed and Ministry of Telecommunications was established.

In the transition to market economy, the mid-term strategy to develop ICT sector of Mongolia, law on Communications and other policy documents were developed and approved by Parliament of Mongolia in the beginning of digitized telecommunications phase second grown.

The installation of first digital telephone switches, radio relay networks, international direct dialing services and all others were followed by establishment of first Internet Service Provider ISP and the first mobile telecommunications company in mids. The telecommunications network has been expanded not only internationally, but also within Mongolia, establishing fiber optic networks connecting government organizations in Ulaanbaatar as well as connecting all aimag1 centers.

This has given a boost to another era. The World Wide Web, Internet, electronic mailing, short messages, sms cards were new words introduced to the vocabulary of Mongolians. Nowadays, Mongolia has over 2.Global data and statistics, research and publications, and topics in poverty and development.

Development of ict in mongolia 90th

How Telecommunications Changed the Lives of Herders in Mongolia. October 20, This page in: In rural Mongolia, ICT .

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Mongolia is the world’s least densely populated country: million people live across million square kilometers—almost half the size of India. Given the country’s vast and challenging geography, the cost of providing rural communications infrastructure is high.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income per capita indicators. A country scores higher HDI when the life expectancy at birth is longer, the education period is .

In we celebrated the 90th anniversary of the industry. During this period, we have trained and taught many Mongolians to serve the growth of the sector. Today, however, Mongolia’s education system, especially as regards the mining industry, is still in a period of development, coming from a somewhat obsolete system.

The current paper is a special edition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the development of ICT in Mongolia. It was over 90 years ago, when the first PABX for 25 users was installed in Urge (at that time name for “Ulaanbaatar”), followed by installation of first telegraphic equipment connecting Mongolia with outer world.

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