Essay about islam and science

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Essay about islam and science

Why is it that even now when the ummah commands such immense resources we lag so far behind in science and technology? The reason is that the Muslim world has fallen victim to irrationalism, obscurantism, traditionalism and dogmatism. We play with platitudes. We are good at repeating timeworn and moth-eaten views.

We revel in interpretation, but flinch from creative thinking. We bask in the glory of the past. We do riot have the courage to face harsh reality.

We are Essay about islam and science the stranglehold of mimesis. As Iqbal puts it: The historians and philosophers may differ about problems concerning science, but they are unanimous as regards the need of a particular weltanschauung worldview for the rise, growth and blossoming of science, which cannot develop in an atmosphere vitiated by fanaticism, intolerance, conservatism and irrationalism.

Science needs a weltanschauung whose keynote is enlightenment with tolerance, humanism and rationalism, as its driving force. Although at present he follows only the footprints of the musk-deer, and thus modesty limits the method of its quest, his thirst of knowledge is eventually sure to lead him to the point where the scent of the musk is a better guide than the footprints of the deer.

This alone will add to his power over nature and give him that vision of this total infinite which philosophy seeks but cannot find. In islam prophecy reaches perfection, hence stands abolished.

Henceforth man is thrown on his own resources for full consciousness. From this follows the necessity fbr the abolition of priesthood.

This, in short, is the meaning of the finality of prophet hood which implies that all personal authority, claiming a supernatural origin has come to an end.

Insofar as the spirit of the revelation is concerned he belongs to the modern world. In emphasising nature and history as the sources of knowledge, the Quraan ushers in the modern scientific world whose weapons of discovery are observation, experimentation and generalisation. Induction was a great gift of Islam to humanity.

Ghazali amplified it in his Ihiya-ul-Ulum and anticipated Descartes by years. Descartes started off his philosophical odyssey with the dictum: It puts to doubt all dogmas. It does not take anything for granted. The beliefs of a scientist are tentative, not final.

They are not based on authority. They are based on evidence. Modern science is iconoclastic in dealing with convictions based on tradition or authority.

Essay about islam and science

Science grew by routing scholasticism whose main points are: Knowledge must begin with the concrete. When Iqbal emphasises the concrete and the finite, he exalts the scientific spirit at the expense of speculative flight into metaphysics.

According to the Quraan change is one of the greatest signs of God. The principle laid down by Islam to keep pace with the changing world is ijtihad which means to exert with a view to forming an independent judgement.Islam And The Scientific Revolution Spread Of Islam In Europe Canadian Health Care VS.


Islamic Science - Essay

Health Care is social science scientific Public Health Care Is The Way To Go Can Information Systems Help Prevent A Public Health Care Crisis.

Dec 02,  · Quotations on Islam from an analysis of the story my oedipus complex Benedict XVI, islam and science essay in urdu language Bertrand islam and science essay in urdu language Russell, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill and many others.

The journal Islam and Science, edited by Muzaffar Iqbal, engages the Islam-and-science debate through discussions on the theory and practice of science in an Islamic context. Seyyed Hossein Nasr's Islamic Science: An Illustrated Study was the first major study of Islamic science with a view toward making it available to a general audience.

Essay title: Islamic Science Over the last decade growing numbers of Muslims have declared the Qur'an to be a book filled with alleged scientific miracles. Numerous web sites, books and videos have been produced that proclaim Islam to be truly a religion of divine origin, citing "scientifically accurate" statements in the Qur'an and Hadiths.

In his Islam, Science, and the Challenge of History, Ahmad Dallal, for instance, traces the history of scientific activity in classical Islamic civilization by analyzing the cultural forces that propelled Muslims to take up natural sciences as a primary field of study.

Islam and Science The 6th century Islamic empire inherited the scientific tradition of late antiquity. They preserved it, elaborated it, and finally, World of Ideas 1 Professor Dotterman Essay # 2: Science Mohammad Yonis Science Originally, I always imagined science to be a fact-based subject.

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