How to write action class in struts 2 json

The simplest way to return json objects to client using struts 1 Introduction Sometimes, you have to integrate your mobile or other web applications to your previous web applications via webservices and the first thing that comes into your mind is to get a simple JSON type data, which is easy to parse and manipulate and does not put extra burden on the existing architecture. If your legacy systems are built over struts 1 which is quite less used these days especially, after struts 2; almost everyone has moved to struts 2 because it is quite flexible as compared to struts 1. Background Struts 1 is quite rigid and you cannot integrate APIs right away, especially when it comes to returning response in JSON format, Struts 1 usually sends back a jsp file response against each action.

How to write action class in struts 2 json

It took a decent amount of time to figure out how to set up struts 2 with JSON.

how to write action class in struts 2 json

There are a few things that need to be done in order to use JSON with struts 2. Basically, struts provides you with a few result types. So, first you need to download the JSON plugin, if you already dont have it in your struts download.

As usual, keep it in the lib folder of your application.

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Ok, what that means in basic terms is that in the response that is sent back to the client, the response is the Javascript object that represents the Action class, and the attributes of the javascipt object are actually named after the public getter methods of the action.

If the value of any getter method returns a null, the value of the javascript attribute will be null and vice versa. The plugin not only handles basic types but also complex types like lists and arrays. We will see a code snippet shortly.

Lets see what needs to be done for setting up our action for JSON. Keep the json plugin jar in your lib directory. If you want to use an existing package, you can simply use a comma separated value for the package names as the value of the extends parameter of the package tag.

That is what I will be doing here. The json-default package contains an interceptor and the result type configuration for JSON requests and responses. Now lets get to the code.Home» Struts 2» Struts 2 Actions Example Tutorial. Struts 2 Actions Example Tutorial It saves a lot of code that we used to write with Servlets.

Keep the json Plugin Jar in Your Lib Directory

Similarly Struts Action takes care of the process to make sure result pages have access to the data that can be used in generating client response. We can use any normal java class as. · Struts2 is popular and mature web application framework based on the MVC design pattern.

Struts2 is not just the next version of Struts 1, but it  · Struts 2 provides for supporting the conversion of result type to JSON strings.

Nowadays every framework supports the JSON formats because it is the most preferred format for the REST web (12 replies) i've downloaded the demo apps for struts 2 v SNAPSHOT for today.

i am trying to understand and study the rest struts2-rest-showcase webapp. in the rest showcase, the OrdersController class has the following method.

public String editNew() { model = new Order(); return "editNew"; } the user is taken to on . Mirror of Apache Struts. Contribute to apache/struts development by creating an account on /main/java/org/apache/struts2/json/ I search for this case but couldn't find a solution.

I would like to return List or JSON Object (for this List) from the same action class based on user

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