How yoga can improve our lives

Go ahead, stop reading, close your eyes and think about it. Can the thought patterns be counted?

How yoga can improve our lives

Each one of them was interacting with an electronic device of some sort and each one of them was exhibiting some version of this posture. In fact, some are now calling this body position an iPosture, or iHunch, since most of us fold into it when we use our mobile devices.

The weight of the head is usually about pounds, but the more you lean your head forward, the heavier will the load become.

How yoga can improve our lives

For example, if you lean your head forward 60 degrees which is quite commonthe load on your neck will be about 60 pounds, which equals 5 gallons of paint or 4 bowling balls.

In addition to that, your upper back can become frozen in the forward curve and much less mobile, which can lead to a stooped posture.

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Interestingly, latest research shows that this kind of posture is not just problematic for the body alignment, but has a great impact on your mental state as well. They also became less assertive. When we droop our heads down we feel the opposite. Since our electronic devices are not going anywhere, all we can do is be mindful about our body positioning when we use them.

9 Ways Yoga Will Improve Your Life

We can also try to counteract the iHunch by strengthening the muscles that support the body in the upright position, relieve neck tension and realign the spinal curves to improve the posture. This is what this yoga practice is about.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Join Sequence Wiz to customize this practice to your liking. Choose your poses, enter the instructions and you are done!Jan 20,  · A few weeks ago I took my son to get a haircut and there was another family waiting ahead of us, a father with three boys ages between 5 and Our popular food culture does not promote our essential health needs.

Yet the body is the holder of life and consciousness.

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Yoga promotes strength, balance, and flexibility in the body. Bikram Yoga Aurora, Illinois, honors and teaches the original hot yoga method, the beginner's series of 26 beginner poses. Also offering Inferno Hot Pilates to compliment the yoga. Beginners are welcome and all active memberships can attend any class.

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If we can still our minds, we can relax deeply and allow our bodies to rejuvenate. If we can still our minds, we can connect to our intuition and make wiser decisions in our lives.

How yoga can improve our lives

The balancing of the mind will have a positive impact on the balance of the emotional/energetic body and the physical body.

How Yoga can improve your Relationship