I dedicate this thesis to my mother

She is to me my rock.

I dedicate this thesis to my mother

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Normally, this page includes quotes like “For my mother” or “For Lucy who never gave up on me.” A dissertation dedication is the same concept.

In this part of the dissertation, the student must use a sentence or a paragraph to dedicate their text. Did you dedicate your dissertation/thesis?

CiteSeerX — I dedicate this thesis to my father Badri Bhakta Dhaubanjar, my mother Subhadra

To whom, and why? (vetconnexx.comdemia) I dedicate all my papers to my childhood dog.

I dedicate this thesis to my mother

permalink; embed; save who is a fantastic scientist and was more of a mentor than even my doctoral advisor, but it would have drive my mother crazy. Since my father was very close to his father and passed much of. If you do dedicate your thesis to your loving parents, no-one but you and your mother will care - but it will mean something important for a long time to come.

If you only dedicate your thesis to your living mother, she will be hurt (assuming she loved your father). I dedicate this thesis to my father, my mother and family. IV ACKNOWLEDGMENT First and foremost thanks to Allah who gave me strength, patience and ability to accomplish this research.

Acknowledgment is due to the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals for. Jul 13,  · TABLE OF CONTENTS I dedicate this thesis to my mother, my father, my wife and my son.

MDR – TB (multi- drug resistant TB) or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) among the TB Evaluation and Use of the Laboratory Methods in Diagnosis – doktori This PhD thesis is based on the following original studies: I.

Somoskövi Somoskövi: Molecular.

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