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Planet philippines

Rad Siquijor sunset We travelled to the Philippines with one dream — finding the perfect beach. Palm-fringed, white sand, pristine turquoise sea. You know, the works.

Sunset scenes from Solangor beach, Siquijor! Truth is, the first couple of days were a bit of a disappointment. We landed in Cebu Cityand found it extremely busy and full of traffic. Dumaguete looked like a nicer city, but we got there after dark, so we had no time to see and do anything.

A kingfisher we spotted on the roadside The day after we finally hopped on the ferry and made the journey to Siquijor. This is the kind of place we were looking for. There was a cute pebble beach right next to the ferry landing, with a few houses along the shore, and hills covered in forest.

If this is just the harbour, we thought, the rest of the island must be seriously stunning. Sky and sea in Siquijor Siquijor is famous or shall I say infamous?

The name was related to the eerie glow surrounding the island when the conquistadores arrived, which were in fact in swarms of fireflies blinking in the twilight. We were staying in a bungalow barely 20 meters from the beach — which seemed to have been taken straight from my dreams. Azure wavelets lapping at the shore.

Palms bowing at the sea. Hammocks strung between one tree and another. Bangka, traditional Filipino boats, moored in the shallows. A bangka at sunset When sunset came, the sky turned multicoloured — and every day, the show was different.

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One day the sky was bright and warm, the same colour of a juicy orange. Another day it was blue-purple, streaked with highlighter-pink clouds. We spent time practicing the best rope swings with the sun setting behind us.

A fisherman returning to the shore Had we found our perfect island? At the time, we thought so. Then we went to Malapascua and we thought it was the most beautiful place we had ever seen. Finally, we spent three castaway days on Danjugan Islandalone with nature — if there ever was a perfect island, I guess Danjugan would be it.

Minimal Siquijor Yet, Siquijor will always be a special place, because it was the first time we found the Philippines we were looking for. Over the rest of our month in the country we would fall in love again and again, but Siquijor will always be our first love.Nurisha is an orange drink formulated by Coca-Cola Philippines in partnership with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology specifically to address iron-deficiency anemia, a major cause for dropping out and poor academic performance in the primary grades.

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Send us a message. In the Philippines, when people talk about “Siquijor” they instinctively associate it with witchcraft, magic, folklore and mythical beings.

Planet philippines

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