R fwrite api

I believe it should work as you wanted now; i. It now has the dateTimeAs argument as follows, copied from fwrite's manual page for v1.

R fwrite api

r fwrite api

The operations that are allowed on the stream and how these are performed are defined by the mode parameter. The returned stream is fully buffered by default if it is known to not refer to an interactive device see setbuf.

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The returned pointer can be disassociated from the file by calling fclose or freopen. All opened files are automatically closed on normal program termination. Parameters filename C string containing the name of the file to be opened. Its value shall follow the file name specifications of the running environment and can include r fwrite api path if supported by the system.

Open file for input operations.

Create a File

The file must exist. Create an empty file for output operations. If a file with the same name already exists, its contents are discarded and the file is treated as a new empty file.

Open file for output at the end of a file. Output operations always write data at the end of the file, expanding it. Repositioning operations fseekfsetposrewind are ignored. The file is created if it does not exist. Open a file for update both for input and output.

Create an empty file and open it for update both for input and output. If a file with the same name already exists its contents are discarded and the file is treated as a new empty file.

Open a file for update both for input and output with all output operations writing data at the end of the file. Repositioning operations fseekfsetposrewind affects the next input operations, but output operations move the position back to the end of file.

With the mode specifiers above the file is open as a text file.

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In order to open a file as a binary file, a "b" character has to be included in the mode string. This additional "b" character can either be appended at the end of the string thus making the following compound modes: This subspecifier forces the function to fail if the file exists, instead of overwriting it.

If additional characters follow the sequence, the behavior depends on the library implementation: On some library implementations, opening or creating a text file with update mode may treat the stream instead as a binary file. Text files are files containing sequences of lines of text.

Although on some environments no conversions occur and both text files and binary files are treated the same way, using the appropriate mode improves portability.

The stream shall be repositioned fseekfsetposrewind before a writing operation that follows a reading operation whenever that operation did not reach the end-of-file.

r fwrite api

Return Value If the file is successfully opened, the function returns a pointer to a FILE object that can be used to identify the stream on future operations. Otherwise, a null pointer is returned.

On most library implementations, the errno variable is also set to a system-specific error code on failure.Older Versions. Older API versions are available as a download.

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