Runaround newspaper term

Can we date this quote? Jonathan Swift Heavy impositions […] are a strong temptation of running goods. Looks like we're gonna have to run the tomatoes again.

Runaround newspaper term

Small type usually 5. Air White space used in a story design. All caps Type using only capital letters. Amberlith An orange plastic sheet, placed over a pasted-up page, that contains shapes that the printer needs to screen, overprint or print in another color.

Anchor An image, word or phrase usually in color and underlined that, when clicked, connects you to another Web page.

Runaround newspaper term

Application A computer software program that performs a specific task: Armpit An awkward-looking page layout where a story's banner headline sits on top of a photo or another headline. Ascender The part of a letter extending above the x-height as in b, d, f, h, k, l, t.

Attribution A line identifying the source of a quote. Banner A wide headline extending across the entire page. Banner ad An advertisement stripped across the top or bottom of a Web page.

Bar A thick rule. Often used for decoration, or to contain type for subheads or standing heads.

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Bar chart A chart comparing statistical values by depicting them as bars. Baseline An imaginary line that type rests on. Baseline shift A software command that allows you to raise or lower the baseline of designated text characters.

Bastard measure Any non-standard width for a column of text. Bleed A page element that extends to the trimmed edge of a printed page. Blend A mixture of two colors that fade gradually from one tint to another.

Body type Type used for text in newspapers, it usually ranges from 8 to 10 points.

Runaround newspaper term

Boldface A heavier, darker weight of a typeface; used to add emphasis the word boldface here is in boldface. Border A rule used to form a box or to edge a photograph. Box A ruled border around a story or art.

Broadsheet A full-size newspaper, measuring roughly 14 by 23 inches.Catenaccio (Italian pronunciation: [kateˈnattʃo]) or The Chain is a tactical system in football with a strong emphasis on defence.

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