Spell to write and read phonogram cards

Advertise Spell to Write and Read Curriculum Review Spell to Write and Read is a program that teaches spelling and reading through the use of 70 phonograms and 28 spelling rules. The Core Kit provides instruction in reading and spelling for grades K thorugh Included in the kit are the teaching guides needed, spelling rule cards, and phonogram cards. All phonograms are taught in the first few months of kindergarten; but a child can easily be placed into this program later by taking a series of placement tests.

Spell to write and read phonogram cards

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here. Just read the testimonials to get an idea how happy homeschooling families are with this spelling program. If you have questions about how this multisensory curriculum works, visit the homesite for All About Spelling.

You can also purchase the curriculum directly from the publisher on that site. Click to visit the All About Spelling website. Marie who is the author of All about Spelling offers Weekly Spelling Tips as well as a free download: This is a great resource for homeschooling.

All you need to do is go the her website and sign up for the Spelling Report and Tips. Don't pass up this free resource. You may find just what you need. If you use All About Spelling, it may serve as your reading instruction curriculum as well.

What type of learning method is used in the All About Spelling Program? All about Spelling is based on the intensive phonics method of the Orton-Gillingham.

This method is also used in The Writing Road to Reading as well as several other Homeschool reading programs. The secret of All About Spelling is its multi-sensory approach which tends to work well. How does All About Spelling Method work? Words with similar phonograms are learned together.

spell to write and read phonogram cards

Other words are grouped when their spelling follows rules. Seeing and learning the consistent pattern and rules serves to reinforce the rule and commit it to memory. How is this helpful for reading instruction?

A phonics based reading curriculum teachers the sounds of letters and phonograms and helps children blend the phonograms by sounding them out while reading aloud. The All About Spelling Method does the same thing while teaching spelling.

How quickly should a beginner be expected to move through the All About Spelling lessons? Speed of learning is a very individual thing for each student. Generally, you would plan to proceed at a much slower pace with a kindergarten child than with a 1st grader and older students.

Can you give an example of what the first lesson in All About Spelling is like? Step One in the Level One book uses color coded cards to teach the sounds of the consonants and the vowels. A basic lesson format guides the teacher to facilitate mastery in learning these basic phonograms, consonants and vowels.

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This is the beginning foundation for spelling or reading. Younger children will go slowly through learning the basic consonant and vowel sounds, and may need a lot of reinforcement. Older children may be able to learn several letters or phonograms a day. After introducing the letters and their sounds, Level One teaches children how to segment words by picking out the sounds that are within words.

The color-coded letter squares are the basic hands-on manipulative that ups the multi-sensory value of the All About Spelling program. Children learn to put the tiles in alphabetical order. Then they use the tiles to construct words.

Children learn a phonogram including the sound s of that phonogram for example, the 2 sounds of the letter "c" or the multiple sounds for each vowel. Since learning phonograms is the foundation for spelling and reading, children naturally learn to read and spell at the same time once they start creating words.

spell to write and read phonogram cards

AAS also uses dictation as a method of learning.This thorough, intensive phonics program consists of a single manual (book) instructing the teacher how to present phonics, writing, and spelling in great detail as a unified, multisensory language arts program.

Jan 16,  · Also I have a handy list (actually it is from Spell to Read and Write, but I have another list from an online resource) of common words to know and spell. Going down this list, I simply pick a few every week and my kids actually give each other spelling tests.

The Logic of English is a fantastic way to teach children to read, spell and write using memorization, activities, writing and multi-sensory games. We are currently on lesson 20 out of the 40 lessons and I have witnessed improvements that I never imagined in my children.

Spell to Write and Read is a program that teaches spelling and reading through the use of 70 phonograms and 28 spelling rules.

Printable Phonics Flashcards

The Core Kit provides instruction in reading . Find the Oddball: a Phonics Activity to Review Vowel Patterns Scoop & Spell - a word building and spelling activity Spelling Word Search Puzzles ~ Made by Your Child!

Mar 20,  · Teaching all the sounds of the phonemes represented by an alphabet letter or combination of two, three, or four letters (phonograms) enables students to read, spell, and write high-frequency words quickly/5(48).

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