The black market

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The black market

This video and article on day trading stock market cycles will teach you how to time your trades during expansion-contraction cycles, allowing you to trade in the most profitable times in the market. This will surely increase your earnings and greatly contribute to your overall trading psychology.

By the way, if you missed part one, then you can watch this first. So last time we talked about seasonal or calendar cycles, agricultural seasons or retail seasons, travel, The black market. This one is volatility.

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So what do I mean by volatility cycles? Well, I call these trades, this family of trades, Ex-Con trades, and that stands for expansion-contraction. So volatility has to do with the range of the market within a period of time. And it kind of makes sense, right? Of course, they want to get on that to make some big profits quickly.

In practical terms, one of the mistakes people do is they will use a scanner and scan for high volatility markets to trade. Stock market cycles analysis The problem is that by the time a scanner accumulates enough data for it to then show up and mathematically trigger as a high volatility market, then it could be very close to the time the period or that cycle ends, and the next cycle of low volatility or contraction to kick in.

And especially because, as I said, mathematically, the scanners need a certain amount of time and number of data to accumulate in order to indicate that this is a high volatility market. Because what I like to do is exactly the opposite and just like most things in trading, the opposite usually works.

So what I do is I trade inside contraction. Now, what does that look like? Well, this is not completely new. I love trading triangles. Stock market cycles forecast Some people wait for the breakout of the triangle, and then the retrace before they get in.

Another example will be Bolinger band squeezes, very similar to triangles. So you get the idea. These are patterns that are very well known, but timing when to get into these is the key.

Speaking of timing, by the way, I do have a tremendous timing indicator, would be happy to give it to you absolutely free since you are watching this. Be happy to give it to you. Just send an email over to me at barry topdogtrading.

I find this as one of the things that people neglect. The market moves most of the time in the morning between the open of the market and launch, and then during lunchtime, the market quiets down, goes into beta consult, consolidation in the swings between the highs and lows, gets more narrow range, and then in the afternoon, it breaks out again.

Successful day intraday trading strategies So not every day is like this. This is again a meta-pattern. One of the traits that I look for, for example, is to trade at the end of lunchtime. Again, this is the problem, right? But, again, everyone knows this. They wanted everyone to think they left and then they would take a trade during lunchtime.

Stock market cycles charts I find these happen about once or twice a week, but this is another one that you can look for. Nothing in trading is meant to be easy. They are there to take your money. So they make it as difficult as possible.

They always tried to hide their tracks. They know these common things that people are looking for and they do intentionally try to throw you off of their tails. The patient one is the one who wins.The Black Cat Market, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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The black market

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