The issue of young adult literature being censored at such high rates

Wednesday, August 06, Rating System for Books I can understand why some people would think that having a rating system for books, something similar to what is done for movies, would be a good idea. I can understand it; but I can't agree with the premise. I'm perfectly happy with the general categorizations commonly used in libraries and bookstores now: Adult, Young Adult and Children.

The issue of young adult literature being censored at such high rates

Supporting the robustness of our results, previous studies on young obese adults have found similar death rates among smokers and non-smokers17 or even higher death rates among non-smokers In addition, as a surrogate measure of lifestyle, we did adjust for cognitive test score and years of education. In a society where we are concerned about violence against women I am concerned about such a `game' being available to children. I am very concerned about the message this `game' would send to the users (particularly boys) of this game. Aug 09,  · Considering that there is a "teen" book about a sex slave, I'm in favor of a rating system. It's not all that important for adult books, though sometimes it'd be nice to know whether or not to skip the impulse buy, but there are some really risque young adult books on the shelves these days.

This is the sixth of a series of reports to be published every two years on underage drinking and related attitudes and risk behaviors.

Data for this series are compiled from three separate nationally representative surveys: The following are highlights of trends from through Prevalence of use Although there are marked differences in absolute values of estimates, the trends across all three survey data sources show an overall decline in the prevalence of alcohol consumption in the past 30 days between and Overall, the rate of decline in the past day alcohol consumption is greater in males than in females in the last few years, resulting in converging trends.

Throughout this period, rates of underage drinking remained highest among non-Hispanic whites, followed by Hispanics and non-Hispanic blacks.


Rates were also higher among youth ages 12—20 not enrolled in school as compared with those enrolled in school NSDUHalthough rates among full-time college students ages 18—20 remained higher than among their same-age peers not enrolled or enrolled part-time data not shown.

Drinking patterns The median age of initiation of drinking alcohol has increased from Over the course of the study period, males have generally maintained higher average frequency, quantity, and volume of consumption in the past 30 days than females.

In —, youth drinkers ages 12—20 reported drinking on an average of 5. They consumed an average of 4.

The issue of young adult literature being censored at such high rates

Their average total volume of consumption was According to NSDUH, a household-based survey, overall rates of binge drinking have increased between andfrom Persistent gender gaps in binge drinking rates are observed over time.

Alcohol-related attitudes The percentages of youth who strongly disapprove others regularly consuming alcohol or binge drinking and who consider regular or binge drinking a great risk MTF show a declining trend during the s, particularly in the early s.

The trend was reversed in the s showing a gradual increase for ten years or so. However, the percentages started to show a sign of plateauing in the last few years.

Alcohol-related risk behaviors Between andtrends from the YRBS show an overall decline in the prevalence of secondary school youth driving while under the influence of alcohol, and similar downward trends are observed in the NSDUH data for the prevalence since Although the NSDUH data show an increase in the prevalence between andthe difference is due to the large increase in rates among to year-olds—from The Call to Action reviewed the risk factors and outcomes associated with underage drinking, presented a developmental framework for understanding and addressing underage drinking, and identified six goals for the Nation to address the problem of underage drinking.

Department of Health and Human Services,p. Department of Health and Human Services We examined this issue using the National Joint Registry’s database to examine mortality and revision rates among patients with osteoarthritis undergoing hip arthroplasty and to compare these rates for the cemented, uncemented, and hip resurfacing procedures.

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A new report finds that nearly all young adult bestsellers contain at least some profanity. By Jason Koebler, Contributor May 18, By Jason Koebler, Contributor May 18, , at p.m. 1. WELCOME: BEING TRUE, BEING REAL: YA AUTHORS.

I confess—I love young adult literature. Maybe I’ve never grown up, and that’s the reason why I read YA books and write for teens.

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