The process of making an app

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The process of making an app

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The process of making an app

Keep in mind that this information includes only mobile app statistics, without desktop or web apps. In the sea of all the tech companies, you can easily get lost. Because it can be difficult to distinguish good from the bad ones.

Overview of building a model-driven app with PowerApps - PowerApps | Microsoft Docs

Employees in these types of companies invest their time, knowledge and skills to come up with the best possible solutions. Imagine finding several companies that you think will be a good fit for you. Before you reach out those companies and evaluate them, though, you should understand how the app making process works.

If you are new to the whole development process, you should be aware of the fact that team commitment or great communication amongst team members are not enough to ensure the quality of an app. A team of developers and designers have to follow certain steps that will lead them to the final goal.

So, which steps are there in the development process? What makes a great development process? We are going to answer all of these questions and more and, if, by the end of the text, you feel like there are some things left unsaid, be sure to leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The First Contact with a Client You have probably heard that making a good first impression is the key to doing business. Making a good first impression is important, because it establishes trust in the long run and has the power to loosen up the first contact atmosphere.

Step 2: The Team Explores Your Idea

In fact, did you know that one sincere smile in interpersonal communication can make you more memorable? So, what happens during this meeting? In this meeting, you discuss the idea behind a potential project.

If there is a mutual understanding, you provide the company with the information of what your app should look like and then, once the Project Manager has all the initial answers, the app making process can begin.

In most cases, the best app making companies try to meet the client face-to-face. If that is not a possibility, the first contact can be established over the phone.

The Team Explores Your Idea Once the Project Manager gathers all the information they need about the project, they introduce you to the team, who then explore your idea deeper by having a brainstorming session with the development and design team.

What major decisions should a team make? Well, in this step the team should choose the right platform for the app, depending on its purpose and the ultimate goal.

Understandably, there are differences between choosing a platform for a mobile or for a web app. At the same time, a team of designers should work on making the best possible visual solution for the app. Designers create mockups of what the app should look like when it is finalized.

This includes adding the logo and all the vital elements, like color, fonts, styling etc. Once the team has a concept of the idea, the company should reach out to you and present it. Usually, a team of designers is in charge of this, since designers can easily lead you through every development and designer choice.

Please note that best app making companies know how to present their ideas in a concise and precise way. In this phase, you can spot a good development company just by paying attention to the feedback they provide you with, after you ask a question or disagree with something.Sound mobile app development is an iterative process.

You have likely heard the term “sprints” or “agile methodology”.

Step 1: The First Contact with a Client

This basically means that you break up all development work into smaller milestones and build your app in a series of cycles.

The app making process consists of the actual coding. The goal of every project is to make sure that you end up with a high-quality code, and it can be achieved by hiring experienced developers that can deliver fast, without hurting the code quality.

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Nov 14,  · Step 7: Build the Back End of Your App. Now that your app has been defined pretty clearly, it is time to get started on the back end of your system.

The Process of App Making - Explained